What is Finnish traditional Christmas food?

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Every country and region has a unique cuisine unique to its people and unique to its identity. In addition to being well known for its famous Christmas vacation spots, the world recognizes Finland for its traditional Christmas cuisine, a highlight of the Finnish Christmas celebrations. While many families have modified their Christmas menus by opting for some modern dishes, most people still stick to traditional food.

If you want to prepare your Christmas dinner according to Finnish tradition, then here are some of the main and essential meals you should know about:

· Honey baked Ham

Contrary to European tradition, where people have turkey as the main dish at Christmas, the Finnish prefer Ham or Joulukinkku, as they call it. This Ham occupies the central position on their dinner table and is baked in pineapple or orange juice to give it the exotic juicy tenderness associated with this particular dish.

However, One thing you want to ensure while making this Ham is to buy the excellent cut from a trusted store. Finnish food companies such as Prisma, which sells frozen meat, are a good option.

· Rice Porridge or Riisipuuro

This rice pudding is another classic addition to the table. Usually topped with butter or cinnamon sugar, it is a treat for the tastebuds. According to Finnish custom, an almond is put into the porridge pot as a token of good luck, and whoever gets it in his bowl is considered lucky for the year ahead.

· Rosolli salad (beetroot salad)

A salad with potatoes, beetroot, and pickles as the primary ingredients is sometimes modified by adding apples and carrots. All Finnish Christmas dinners are incomplete without this delicious side dish. You will find a bowl of this salad as an invariable item on the table.

· Casseroles

Casseroles! The old yet popular favorite of the dining tables is included in the list of traditional Finnish food. This meal is baked with a wide range of ingredients such as carrots, cabbage, turnip (makes Rutabaga casserole), potatoes, and so on. You can simply choose the one which you or your family likes best.

· Joulutorttu or Finnish star cookies

Now onto the dessert! These cookies are as appealing to taste as they appear to the eyes. Center-filled cookies with plum jam to give a tangy burst of sweetness. The butter pastry melts into the mouth and can only be described as decadent. Many agree that a Finnish Christmas dinner cannot be called so without them.

· Glogi (Finnish mulled wine)

When it comes to beverages, the Finnish drink exceptional wine. This drink’s intense fruity flavor sets it aside from the others as it contains berries, cardamom, cloves, and many other spices.


Saying that Finnish cuisine and traditional Christmas food are a class apart is not an exaggeration. If you visit Finland and spend a Christmas there, following their recipes and menu will surely give you an exquisite experience that is perfect for a holiday.  It may well be claimed that the Finnish Christmas dinner follows the Christmas theme most closely. May it be Christmas or any other special day, food is the one thing that tops the celebration and unites all dear ones together, and the people of Finland know how to make it memorable.