Traditional Swedish Dishes You Must Try

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Not talking about meatballs! There are more traditional dishes in Scandinavian cuisine – from mouth-watering seafood to delectable crispy bread. Buy an airfryer in Sweden so if you like any dish, you don’t skip any crispness and softness while making it! You can also try food from famous Swedish restaurants that you can explore through ReviewsBird Sweden.

Being a visitor to Sweden, exploring everything all around is a joyful thing but trying Swedish dishes in winter is something memorable. Apart from Swedish meatballs, follow are the 5 most talked about and tried traditional Swedish dishes to give a try during the Sweden visit!

Swedish Cinnamon Buns

Home cooking in Sweden cannot be completed without a Cinnamon Bun. Swedes love these buns which have a moreish and sweet taste and are usually served with coffee. Ingredients include cardamom, sugar cinnamon, butter, egg, sugar, and flour. This cinnamon-spiced doughy treat is practically a long series of pastry dough encased into a ball and adhered with sticky-sweet cinnamon syrup.

Swedish Hash

Swedish Hash, which is usually regarded as the midweek meal, is made from meat, and potatoes and combines onion as well. It was produced from leftovers in the past but now it is available in stylish restaurants that made it from fresh ingredients. It is a filling, tasty ad that consumes less preparation time.

Potatoes with Dill cream sauce

No one can ignore the taste of potatoes having a little sweet flavour and crisp texture. It goes well with grilled meat or fish, and to prepare it you need to boil potatoes to make them fork-tender. Then add onion and cream in butter and let it boil over average heat. When it gets thick, add diced fresh dill and then add boiled potatoes in dill sauce and serve yourself to experience this superb dish.

Sausage Stroganoff

It is regarded as comfort food and swedes like it by adding an Italian twist to it. It’s typically presented with rice however some people also like it with pasta and they add capers as well in the sauce. Vegetarians can substitute the sausage with nicely chopped aubergine, and utilize paprika (smoked).

Beef stew

A traditional Swedish dish for chillier months, Beef Stew is a confirmation that you don’t require an abundance of ingredients to cook a scrumptious serving of comforting meals. The other term used for beef stew in Sweden is “Kalops”. It uses no garlic, no tomato mixture, and no wine and it is prepared on the stovetop. Stew formulas are typically easy and depend on only essential seasoning so it’s uncomplicated to cook.

Summing up!

You can order traditional food from Swedish restaurants. Restaurants are not much expensive but if you’re on a budget, you can try making it. If you’re preparing it yourself, then make sure that you ask for the recipe from someone who is native or a chef who knows how traditional Swedish food is cooked and prepared. Native Sweden bloggers have also posted recipes on their websites so you can also look for the recipe there!