Zaven thinks he is breaking gay stereotypes

Zaven Kouyoumjian, host of “Sire Winfata7it” on Future TV, had this to say during this week’s show:

“Even though many gays wear ties and society thinks of them as masculine, the image of a “fag” is always that of the “foufou” and the “nounou” [feminine connotation].

And since our show aims at breaking social stereotypes, today we have decided to reveal the other side. So we will be discussing a crime committed by a gay man, and draw the picture of the murderer gay man and the murderer gay woman.”

Dear Zaven,

You are not breaking any stereotypes. In fact, you just created a new stereotype!

Instead of talking about gay crimes happening in Lebanon (crimes where gay men and women get killed just because they’re gay), you chose to talk about a crime committed BY a gay man.

You should have talked about gay stereotypes and broken myths about gays.

How is the murderer’s sexual orientation of any relevance to you? He was gay and he happened to murder someone. Do you have to do a whole show about “murderous gay men and women”?!

Are you fucking insane? I can’t believe your show is watched all across the Arab world.