Where do the memories go?

03 08 2011

I don’t like reminiscing.

I like moving on.

When I graduated from High School, there were a lot of memories there, but I never looked back.

Same thing with Uni days. It’s so rare for me to bring up a certain happy memory into a conversation.

Kamen with relationships. When they’re over, I lock the door and throw away the key.

When I know a close friend of mine is gonna travel, I start building this shield around me, and it’s done wonders.

I guess I always thought it hurts less when you don’t think of the past. When you don’t think of what has happened and who has happened.

But I donno.

Where do all the memories go? Can we really put everything in a box and keep it far far away?

The morning strawberry kisses while cuddling in bed. 2011.

The picnics we had as a family. 1997.

What I felt after watching the best movie of all time. Ever. 1998.

My first kiss. 2007.

Where do the memories go?