Should I Look or Should I Touch?

“We’re on a break”.

That’s what he said.

The “he” is a guy I met last week at a party. 5 minutes into our dancing, we were making out and doin some over-the-jeans-action on the dance floor.

I wanted to get to know him better cause he looks like an interesting person (plus he’s cute). So during our online chat, he tells me he’s on a break with his boyfriend who’s out of the country.

A part of me is saying “Fuck your boyfriend. Long distance never works”, while another part of me is telling me to stay away and not get in this mess.

I most probably won’t get in the mess. It’s not like i’m obsessed with him.

But I was wondering what YOU think.

Do you think you could date a guy who’s on a break with his boyfriend? Or would you rather wait until they’ve actually broken up and it’s less messy?

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