Bravo Voicebook! Take a tip Zaven & Nidal.

In Lebanon, it’s rare to find a TV or radio show which tackles homosexuality without bashing homosexuals.

Rare, but not impossible!

Thanks to Peter Hayat, I was made aware that Voicebook, a show on Sawt El Noujoum station, recently discussed homosexuality fairly &  respectfully.

An administrator from Voicebook even posted this pro-gay comment on the show’s Facebook page:

“Many people think that those who love people of the same gender are sick & doing something unethical. But as long as this person is not hurting anyone, let them love whoever they want & however they want”.

Very glad to see a show that didn’t get on the gay bashing bandwagon like Zaven Kouyoumdjian & Al Jaras!

Take a tip fellas.

Ya heik el 2e3lem, ya ndabbo.