Lebanon: A Safer Country for Gays than Others?

Randa:The Diaries of a Transsexual

Randa is an Algerian woman and transsexual whose story is published in the book “Randa: The Diaries of a Transsexual” (مذكرات رندا الترانس) written by journalist Hazem Saghieh.

Check out this CNN.com piece about Randa who compares living in Lebanon versus living in Algeria:

“But in some parts of Beirut I would say I feel 70 percent safe, whereas I never feel more than five percent safe when I’m in Algeria.”

Your average transsexual or gay person can never feel completely safe in Lebanon. Then again…the amount of discrimination LGBTQ people face in Lebanon is still more merciful than that in other countries like Algeria.

But should we be grateful that the discrimination over here is still “better” than other places? That’s sickenin’…