1) I would never have a threesome.
2) I would never be promiscuous.
3) I would never date someone who’s in a relationship.

Things I used to tell myself all the time. It’s weird, frightening even, how who you think you are changes right in front of you. How you would do stuff you never thought you’d do. How you break the rules you set for yourself.

I’m a very traditional person. At least, I thought I was. I still dream of settling down with a guy, being committed. I still believe in love. I still don’t accept the thought of sharing a lover with others.

I’m still very traditional. But I’m breaking all the rules I set for myself when I came out of the closet 6 years ago:
1) Had a threesome.
2) Slept with 3 guys last week.
3) Didn’t just date. Boned.

What I’ve learned from now on is to stop saying these sentences that start with “I would NEVER…”. Because I probably will. Who knows what tomorrow brings.

Rules change. So do people.

Nothing’s set in stone. Neither are people. Especially not gay people.

Whoever you turn out to be… it’s alright babe. It’s ALL right.