I Fucked Him


I know what you must be thinking.

When you talk to your friend at the club, I know what you’re telling him.

“I fucked him”.

You think you’re macho because you fucked me.

That you’re THE MAN because you were a “top”.

Truth is I enjoyed it.

You were a great top.

You fucked me real good. So good that I shat on your bed. But that’s another post.

Just because you were the “top” doesn’t mean you fucked me. I fucked you too. Fucking is both ways. Some fuck with their cocks. Some with their holes. Doesn’t mean I lost my masculinity. Doesn’t mean you get bragging rights. Bottoms shall not be looked down upon.

“Look at that shit. I fucked that ass”.

Ummm…calm down.

I fucked that dick.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

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