Watch Episode One of Mithli Mithlak!

Another week. Another show talking about the LGBTQ society in Lebanon. [Just hope the “Q” in LGBTQ will be given its fair share of coverage someday]

Here is Episode One “Mithli Mithlak” (“Same as You”) which aired last week on New TV, as part of Riad Kobeissi’s program “Ta7ta Ta2ilat Al Mas2ouliyya”.

What do you think of the episode? Was Riad objective presenting homosexuality to viewers?

Part 1 of Episode 1

Part 2 of Episode 1

Part 3 of Episode 1

Part 4 of Episode 1


* Thanks lion69heart2 and Gmariam007 for uploading the videos.

* Thank you Lebanese LGBT Media Monitor for sharing these vids and encouraging people to comment, share their views, and open a discussion.