Walk to Save Your Heritage *Part Deux*

Symbolic Walk with Candles (Gemmayze)

Remember the “Symbolic Walk with Candles” event that was scheduled to happen on Saturday September 25th? 

Well, despite bad weather conditions, approximately 500 people attended the walk, according to event organizer Pascale Ingea. 

You gotta give props to everybody who participated in the march to shed light on this very important issue. 

Areas such as Gemmayze are home to traditionally Lebanese houses which should be preserved, instead of being torn down! 


Photos courtesy of Joey Hesayne Ayoub 

Walk to Save Your Heritage

“Stop Destroying Your Heritage!” is a group I found on Facebook yesterday.

The group’s aim is to “preserve our beautiful authentic and traditional Lebanese houses”,  and they’re organizing an event on September 25 called “Symbolic Walk with Candles”.

Time: 6 pm till 7 pm

Location: From Gemmayze to Mar Mekhayel

As we speak, old vintage Lebanese houses are getting teared down.

And it’s such a shame because they could easily be revamped to become brand new again.

So if you’re interested in stopping the destruction of these beautiful Lebanese houses, you should definitely consider being part of the walk!

A walk from Gemmayze to Mar Mekhayel will only take you 15 minutes tops.

Cool posters from the event supplied by Pascale Ingea, the group creator!

Bldg Picture from the group’s Facebook page

UPDATE: Check out what happened at the event HERE!