Fuck Sporting Club & its Racist Policy

Thanks to +961, I found out that Sporting Club (Manara, Beirut) is one of the 15 fucked up beach resorts which deny entry to dark skinned people and foreign workers.

IndyAct has launched an “Anti Racism Movement” in Lebanon and its activists are paying a visit to those resorts which practice racial profiling.

In this video, 3 activists visit Sporting Club.

The catch?

One of those activists is of Madagascari descent. Automatically, they assume she’s a maid and refuse to let her in.

I don’t get it. We encourage tourists to buy a plane ticket and visit our country and when they do come here they’re denied entry just because of the color of their skin?

So if Oprah wants to enter this shithole, they would say ”umm…no thanks! Our pool is full”?

Makes me sick to my stomach.

IndyAct is doing its part to bring attention to this issue and hopefully its efforts will make those retarded resorts rethink their policies.

If you are against racism and want to show your support, it’s simple:

1. Boycott those resorts.

2. Spread the word (Inform your friends and contacts about these resorts which promote racism).

I still don’t know what are the other fucked up resorts. So till now, I know I’ll be boycotting Sporting Club.


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