Beach Day in Saint Georges

I wanted to try out the Saint Georges Yacht Club pool ever since I heard it’s a gay friendly place.

And undoubtedly so, turns out there was a good number of gays there.

I went on a Monday so there wasn’t a lot of people at the pool to begin with, but there was a very decent number of gays!

How could I tell if those men were gay?

First, I have a great gaydar.

Second, some of those boys were makin a hell of an eye contact, like a “Fuck me now right here in this pool” eye contact.

Third, some of them just easily showed.

Saint-George swimming pool

Walking along the marina was very cool. You could see all the yachts (if you’re into that sort of thing).

Saint-George Yacht Club and Marina

The pool was too salty for eyes, though. I love swimming, but putting my head under that water for a second irritated my eyes.

The food was okay. Just the food you’d expect at a beach. The food prices were reasonable too considering it’s a Down Town beach.

One thing about Saint Georges is that there’s a possibility of hooking up IF you’re into that sort of thing. You could easily get a lot of eye contact by just sitting there. If someone finds you interesting, they will pass in front of you a couple of time or look at you while they’re sunbathing.

So if you’re into lusting after a couple of cute boys in speedos, or getting an ego boost from gay guys who eyeball you, then by all means, give the place a try!

Weekday price: 25,000 L.L.

Saturday and Sunday price: 30,000 L.L.

Saint Georges official website: