Top or Bottom?

If you’re gay, akid you get asked this question a lot: “Top or Bottom?”

Some gays hate the labeling. But actually, it has its benefits. Like if you’re allergic to sucking dick, you would know better than date a Pure Top.

I’ve noticed many of my straight friends (& blog readers) aren’t familiar with these terminologies.

So here are the Roles in Bed for gay men:

Dating site asking "what's your role in bed"

Pure Top says: Gimme your ass. I will fuck your brains out. I would love it if you suck my dick. However, don’t expect me to suck you. I might not even touch your dick or kiss you on the lips.

Versatile Top says: I prefer fucking you, but I don’t mind being fucked every once in a while.

Versatile says: I’m right in the middle of Top & Bottom. I like fucking & getting fucked equally. So what’s on the menu tonight?

Versatile Bottom says: I prefer getting fucked, but I don’t mind fucking you every once in a while.

Pure Bottom says: My ass is yours. Fuck me hard cause I like it. Gosh, I like giving you a great blowjob! Listen babe, you don’t have to suck me to give me pleasure; servicing you is my pleasure.

_ _ _

ps: Don’t confuse tops with masculine men, & bottoms with feminine men. Lots of masculine men like getting fucked, and many feminine men like fucking.