Hugh Hefner,84, describes Viagra as “God’s little helper”

Hugh Hefner: Still got it

So Hugh Hefner is 84 and has a better sex life than most people in their 20s. Interesting. What’s also interesting: he believes he is “making love”. Let’s leave it at that. Have lots of respect for you , though, Hugh!

Do you take a lot of Viagra?
I don’t take a lot, but I take it when it’s called for.

How often is it called for?
I make love a couple of times a week, and I take the Viagra when I’m going to be making love. I would say at 84 it helps. It’s God’s little helper.

You’re not paid by Viagra to say that, are you?
No, they get that advertising from me for free.

Full interview with the New York Times here.