Minus One (part 7 of 7)


“Is this real? Is this really happening”, she cries on my shoulder.

“I am so sorry hayete…I am so sorry…”, I tell her. “Sit down hayete. Sit down. Let me get you a glass of water”.

She looks like she’s been crying forever. I help her sit on her bed and go to the kitchen to get the water. When I come back she’s changed her place. She’s now sitting on Fadi’s bed.

“Nadine…drink this hayete”.

“I don’t want to. How can I drink or eat when he’s not around?? Ma fiyye, Jad”.

“You must be thirsty from all the crying. Yalla, please hayete”.

She gives in and lets me hold the cup to her mouth while she sips. Her tears subside and she’s not gasping for breath anymore.

I brush back the strand of hair that’s fallen to the front of her face. “There…all better”.

I donno what to say to her. Anybody who’s been in my shoes right now knows you really can’t say anything to make a person feel better about losing someone.

“I came over as soon as I heard. I can’t imagine what you must be feeling right now…”, I tell her.

“Thank you for coming. I need you here, Jad”.

“And I’m here for you…I’m here, habibe”.

“How did you…find out…”

“Akh…last night at around 7 pm. We got a call from the school saying they found him on the…”. Her eyes start to tear up. “On the rooftop and…”

I grab her hand and caress it. “It’s okay…”, I tell her.

She continues to talk. “Dad had to go identify his body cause…he was so mutilated he was…unrecognizable”.


“I still don’t believe it…Who would do such a thing?”, she looks in my eyes.

“Whoever it is…they won’t get away with it. I promise you. Alright?”, I reassure her.

“Akh…I just want my brother back. You know we were supposed to go to Batroon this Saturday? I promised him we would take the bus and go there”, she says.

“Oh, really? In this rainy weather?”, I ask her.

Her eyes wander off and she sighs. “He actually wanted it to be rainy. He said it reminded him of a special day he had with someone. He said he…”.

Then she stops and looks at me. “Listen Jad. I want to tell you something. My brother was …umm…gay. I just never told you because… well…it wasn’t an issue with me and I didn’t think it should be an issue with you either”.

“No…umm..of course not”.

I’m so shocked she’s bringing this up right now. I feel very uneasy.

“And I knew how you felt about him anyway. That’s all that mattered”, she says.

“What do you mean?”, I ask her.

“I know what you used to do to protect him. He used to tell me how you defended him from the bullies in class. He admired that about you”, she continues.

I smile uncomfortably.

“So thank you, Jad. Thanks for being kind to my brother”.

I nod at her. “It was nothing…”. I can’t look her in the eyes.

“My brother was gay. I accepted it. Others didn’t. The whole school didn’t. So when he told me he finally found someone…a boy…that he liked…I was so thrilled for him. I wanted him to tell me everything about it…but haram he was so reluctant at first. So shy.”

“Oh…so do you know who the guy is?”

“No, he wouldn’t tell me. All I know is that he had this great date with a boy in Batroon and then they head to the Phoenician Wall and sit on it. Out of all places, right? Then it starts to rain. And they have no umbrella…nothing. But they just sit there under the rain. It really didn’t matter they were soaking wet. He was so happy that at that moment, the world wasn’t looking and it was just the two of them. That’s when the guy touches his hand and then kisses him. ”

“I see…well that’s something, Nadine”.

“Yeah…I just wish I was more there for him, especially in his last days, you know?”

“Why? Was something wrong?”

“Well, the guy couldn’t accept that he could develop feelings for a boy. He had a girlfriend and he told Fadi to back off because he would never leave her”.


“I just wish I did something to…”

“You couldn’t have done anything… It is what it is…You can’t control everything”.

“Yeah…I guess not. Thank you for listening. I love you”.

“I love you too”.

I kiss her on the cheek and hug her.

Someone knocks on the door and walks in. It’s her aunt. “Nadine, habibte, I’m gonna make you a sandwich so you eat, okay?”

“No I really don’t want to khalto”, she responds.

“You have to eat ya habibte. You can’t do this to yourself.”

Her aunt comes and taps on my shoulders. “Bravo Jad. Listen to Jad, habibte. You have to eat. I’ll be right back”.

Her aunt walks out and closes the door.

“Tayyib habibe, listen, I’m gonna go now…”, I tell Nadine.

“Nooo..stay…it’s okay, stay”.

“Don’t worry, I’ll come back later in the afternoon. I promise”.

“Tayib…please come, okay?”

“I will”.

I give her a big hug and kiss her on the cheek.

I stand up to leave and head to the door. Then I hear her say:
“You think he’ll show up?”


“At the funeral. You think he’ll…”

“Oh, you mean…”

“Yes…the boy. You think he’ll show up?”

“If he loved your brother, then I’m sure he’ll be there”.

“That’s what I’d like to think, too. It would make my brother happy. And what about you?”

“Of course, I did. Will… Of course, I will”.

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Minus One (part 6 of 7)


“Hi. Jad is that you?”
“Yes, who’s this?”
“Man, it’s Joseph. Listen I just read some news. It’s all over Facebook. They found Fadi”.
“Man…Fadi’s dead!”
“What? What do you mean dead?”
“Somebody killed him. Killed him in school! They found his body somewhere. Isn’t that just…”
“Yeah, that’s awful. Shit…he’s dead?! So you think there won’t be any school tomorrow?”

It might seem like all I care about is not going to school, but I actually have to be there. I don’t want people to suspect anything by me not showing up.

The next morning…

It’s beautiful chaos.

Police cars. Security. Barricades at the entrance of the school. No one could get in. Teachers, students and parents who just heard the news are all hovering outside. Some of them are crying. Others just have their mouths open in shock.

It’s the weirdest thing. There wasn’t a student from my class that didn’t bully Fadi. I mean, not all of them hit or punched him. But everyone had called him a name at some point. Remember Nadim? He comes up to me at one point with tears in his eyes saying: “Haram ya zalame…”. The guy always mocked Fadi for being a girl! Fuckin hypocrite. I wouldn’t be surprised if he was a dick lover himself to be honest.

And Miss Sara…she never did anything to protect Fadia from being harassed by us. And why would she? He’s a homo. He deserves it! So why spill your worthless tears all over your corrected biology exam papers? Kess ekhtik. I hate two faced people.

Whether they’re shocked or upset, though, I’m sure all of them are afraid. How could this happen in this school? Who could murder a student during recess? Is it a teacher? Is it a student? More importantly…is the killer right here among us? Ummm…look at yourselves! You all did this. You all wanted him dead. I just had the balls to do it.

Usually, people would be thrilled to have a day off from school but surprisingly…these bitches are sad. What a weird scene I’m witnessing indeed.

Anyway, enough with this shit. I have somewhere else to be.

After 25 minutes of a bumpy Lebanese bus ride, I reach my destination. I see white ribbons hanging in the neighborhood. It’s a Lebanese thing. They hang those white ribbons around the building when someone young dies.

I start walking up the stairs to the 5th floor. I don’t usually take the stairs, but I need a couple of minutes to compose myself. Even I have to admit, this is gonna be a tough one.

I reach the floor and the door’s already open with a few people standing in the hallway. I enter the house and start offering my condolences: “El 3awad bi salemetkon”. They barely take me seriously cause I’m wearing my school uniform. After I shake hands with a couple of people in the hallway, I enter the salon and…she sees me.

“Habibi Jad! Come here Jad!”, she screams from her seat. She’s a wreck. She’s crying.

I walk up to her and hug her. “El 3awad bi salemtik tante…”

“They took him from me ya Jad. They took him. Can you believe what happened?! Ya haram. Ya habibi ya Fadi”, she screams her lungs out, as she slaps her face and hits her legs with her hands. She’s a mother in mourning. I feel sorry for her.

I donno what to say to her except offer my condolences once again. “El 3awad bi salemtik tante. Allah yer7amo”.

Her relatives sitting next to her try to calm her down and I step back to get out of the living room.

I walk over to Fadi’s room. I know I’ll find her there.

His room door is closed.

I take a deep breath…and knock.

No answer.

I knock again.

Still no answer. I can hear someone crying inside the room.

“It’s me habibte…”, I say softly from behind the door.

“Jadddd!”, I hear a scream from the inside.

I can hear her running towards the door. She opens it and there she is, standing in her pyjamas with her eyes swollen.

She sees me and starts crying. I hug her and say:

“Nadine…I’m so sorry for your loss”.

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Minus One (part 5 of 7)


“Fadi’s not here…did anybody see him during recess?”

The whole class looked at his seat. No one had noticed he was absent until Miss Sara asked them. A collective “no” was sounded.

Joseph whispers to me. “Probably fixing his make up in the bathroom”.

“Probably”, I reply casually.

Miss Sara continues to explain the lesson, but after 15 minutes of no Fadi, she gets out for a second to inform the courtyard monitor of the situation. He enters our class and asks all of us if we had seen him, and again…everyone says no. Now I knew the kid was invisible but damn!! Poor thing.

Two more classes later, there was still no sign of Fadi and everyone is anxious to leave! No one cares if they find Fadi or not. The only reason they are irritated by his absence is because there’s no one else to bully and joke about! The bell rings! Finally…this day is over and done with.

As I get out of school, I overhear two teachers talking to each other:
“I heard one of the students last saw Fadi as he was going up the stairs…”
“Maybe he ran out of school…but his backpack’s still in his class…”

If they only knew he was rotting under the sun as they spoke. Wahad loute bel na2is…

I head home to empty the backpack and get rid of everything. Then I take a nice hot shower and sleep.

Next thing I know it’s 8 pm and a sound of an angry man wakes me up.

Who else would it be? M3allem Sameer just came back from work and he wants to shower.

“Why is there no hot water?”, I hear him screaming in the kitchen.

“Sameer, Jad just showered”, my mom replies.

He barges into my room. He doesn’t care that I was sleeping. “Why did you finish the water? Why do you shower like girls, Jad?”.

“Sorry dad, I didn’t realize…”.

“Sorry?? Now I have to wait another 4 hours to shower. Kess ekht hal 3eeshe bi ayre”, he shouts, slamming the door on his way out.

I stay in bed for like half an hour waiting for him to cool down then go sit at the dinner table. I’m starving.

Mom comes and kisses me on the cheek. “Baddak tabboule habibe?”, she asks.

“Eh mama”, I reply. Mom’s the only person I care about in this world, period. To hell with everyone else.

She sits down and it’s the three of us. Mom, dad, and myself.

“Jessy passed by my work today with Mario. Dakhilo hal zaghtoor byettekal”, mom said.

She’s talking about Jessy , my older, and only, sister.

“Here’s to seeing you get married and have children of your own habibi. 3a2bel manshufak 3arees ya mama”, she continues.

“Nshalla ya mama”, I smile at her.

Then dad speaks.“Let’s hope. After all, it’s men who keep the family name alive, don’t they Jad?”

“Akid, baba”, I say, staring at my plate.

Then out of nowhere, dad almost falls out of his seat yelling: “Turn it up! Turn it up!”

Of course he’s talking about the TV. I grab the remote and unmute it. It’s time for that Lebanese comedy show dad likes. Time for Majdi w Wajdi, two feminine Lebanese faggots who act and talk like women! Dad laughs at them so hard whenever they’re on.

Tonight’s sketch shows them singing a Nancy Ajram song in a karaoke. They’re being girly, “oooing” and “aaaaing” over some guy. Then when they leave the karaoke place, they take the “biiiig” microphone with them! All they care about is sex. Fuck, they make me sick.

The sketch finishes and my dad has this disgusted look on his face: “Tfeh…Shi bi2arrif walla”.

Then he looks at my mom and says: “You think there aren’t people like this? They’re all over the place!”

My mom responds. “Ya haram. I pity their parents. How can they live under the same roof with a son like that?”

“All I know is… if my son was like that, I would kill him with my own hands”, says dad.

He really knows all the nice things to say at the dinner table.

The house phone rings and I think to myself: ‘There IS a God’.

“I’ll get it!”, I storm out of that table and answer the phone.

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Minus One (part 3 of 7)


“Hayeteee, I miss you!”, tells me Nadine on the phone.

“Baby, you saw me like 2 hours ago!”, I reply.

“Halla2 recess counts as a date?!”, she snaps at me. “I know Jad bass I already miss you! You wanna go to the movies tonight?”


I have other shit on my mind. I can’t be luvvy duvvy.

“Wlak yalla! It’s been ages we haven’t watched a movie. I donno what’s with you! You know lately, I feel like…”.

“Ok”, I interrupt her. I don’t want any drama. “Let’s go out, habibe”.

I sometimes can’t believe I landed myself such a beautiful girlfriend. Nadine is beautiful. Except when she cries; she’s an ugly crier. She’s not smart. She’s your typical blonde trapped in a hot brunette’s body. But it’s not like you need a diploma to be a housewife and carry a baby. And that’s all I want her to do anyway.

One of the perks of watching a loud unromantic action movie with your girlfriend is that she’ll be so uninterested in the movie that her only mission will be to give you an orgasm before the closing credits.

And Nadine is no different. She’s more than eager to place her jacket on top of my crotch, slide her left hand under the jacket to unbutton my jeans, and play with my dick. Good thing the girl’s a lefty.

It’s every guy’s dream to be stroked by their girlfriend, but we’ve done it so much it’s become a habit, really. Sometimes I think I take her for granted. But while her mind is on my dick, my mind is on tomorrow and Foufou Fadi.

I can’t even believe that faggot is crossing my mind while my girlfriend jerks me off. It pisses me off that he still manages to creep in when I least expect it. But I don’t think I can tune him out just yet…Tomorrow’s a big day.

I owe Tom Cruise a big one. By the end of the movie, he had saved the world from whatever the fuck was threatening humankind, and I had jizzed so bad I had to walk Nadine home with her jacket covering my pants.

“I wish we were both 11th graders”, she tells me as we reach her neighborhood.

“Hmmm. Actually, I’m happy being in the 10th grade. That way you won’t see me every minute and you won’t get bored from me”, I smile at her.

“Hah! That’s one way to look at it”. She smiles back. “Alright, habibe. I’ll see you tomorrow morning”. She kisses me on the cheek.

“Good night Mrs. Sleiman”.

“Good night Jado”.

I walk back home and I can’t help but be excited about how my life will change as of tomorrow. Same time tomorrow evening, I’ll be free of everything that’s been eating at me. I can’t wake up in the morning and pretend I’m okay anymore. I’ve been pretending I was okay ever since that fucking Fadi came into my life two months ago. I want the old me back. And the only way to get the old me back is by getting rid of him.

First thing I do when I get home is make sure my parents are sleeping, go to the kitchen, and make sure my school books aren’t the only things filling my backpack tomorrow.

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Minus One (part 2 of 7)


“What do you want Jad?”, he asks me.

I slowly walk up to him. “I want you to man up. Grow some balls. You wanna be a lady? That’s fine. Be one in your own house. Not here”.

“How am I bothering you?”

“By being you. You bother me. The way you walk. The way you talk. Your kind is disgusting”.

I sound so cold sometimes I even scare myself. Can’t imagine what goin on in that poor faggot’s head.

“You call yourself a man fruity?”

“Yeah, because you are such a man, Jad”, he smirks at me.

Great. Insulted by a fag is all I need. I punch him in the face and he falls right down to the ground. I’m not gonna get insulted by a girl.

I bend over to him and whisper in his ear: “Don’t you ever say that to me”. I spit on his face.

He starts crying on the floor.

I take a few steps back as he starts muttering. With all the sweat, tears, and drool dribbling down his sorry mouth, I couldn’t understand a word!

“I thought…”. He wipes the shit coming out of his nose. “I thought you were coming here to…”

“To what?!”, I snap.

“To get back to the way we were”, he says. His voice is now girlier than ever.

The school bell suddenly rings and I turn around to look at the bathroom entrance. Thankfully, no one is watching me do this.

I walk back towards him and kneel right next to him. He’s scared shitless. His whole body trembling. It’s good. Maybe he’ll finally understand. “We were nothing. You are a fag. I am normal. Enta louteh. Ana tabi3e. Enta mara btentek. Ana rejjel ma bentek. You disgust me. I can’t wait to get the hell out of this school so I don’t have to run into freaks like you every single day. Do you understand?”

I say all of this without blinking, staring at him dead in the eye.

I continue: “Stop texting me. Stop messaging me on Facebook; I removed your foufou ass for a reason. Stop scribbling ‘I heart Jad’ all over your textbooks. Stop carving ‘I want to be Mrs. Sleiman on your school table’. Forget I ever existed.”

Cool. Maybe this time he’ll get me. I get back up and walk over to get my backpack to leave.

But he had to say it.

“I’m going to tell her”. He tries to stand up.

Fuck. He had to say it.

“Tell her what? Nothing happened!”, I scream at him.

“Batroon”, he replies as he wipes the tears off his face.

“It’s your word against mine”.

“I have pictures. I’m going to show her”.

And he just might. I pretend I didn’t hear that last thing he said. I pick up my backpack and get out.

I can hear him crying in the background.

I now know what I have to do to get this over with. Tomorrow is the day that this all ends.

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