Straight Men of Manjam

You know…as gay guys, we get caught up in our own gayness that we forget that there’s an under-represented segment of the gay community: the straight men.

They’re all over Manjam, and they truly make the Manjam experience more fun than it already is.

Out of the 14209 Lebanese profiles on Manjam, 889 of them are straight men.

That’s 6.3%!

Yeah, it’s weird how a straight guy can sign up on a gay dating website. But think of the benefits. It’s hard finding a decent gay guy, so who knows…maybe a straight guy is just what you need!

“But he’s straight…”

Oh straight, shmaight! Would you forget about the labels just for once?!

But on a serious note, remember when you still called yourself “a straight guy” and tried to convince yourself that the seven wet dreams you had involving Colin Farrell were an innocent brotherly lovin? That’s just it! Some of these guys aren’t yet comfortable calling themselves “gay” or “bisexual” and I get that. Be patient and give them 2 months to upgrade to a gayer label.

Then there are the straight guys who like to sleep with ladyboys (girls with penises)…

And the straights who are “gay for pay”…

And of course.. the actual straight boys looking for actual straight girls. Aww.

Ah Manjam, you dah realest melting pot…

The Story of Manjam & I

I am currently in a relationship.

A love/hate relationship.

You know how you like a guy, but when you’re together, he just pisses you off. But that only makes you want him more?

Yeah, that’s the kind of relationship I’m in.

I’m in a relationship with Manjam, the very popular gay dating site.

Akh…the things I come across in that site. The people I run into. The horror:


Manjam...akh akh...

– Guys who can’t spell: “No pic no replay”. Urgh. Lost my boner.

– 43 year old men asking for my email. Didn’t you notice my damn 20-26 age range?

– The usernames that make me wanna barf: born2bfucked, 3rdleg, supernayik, miyaw, readmyprofile, louti2004, chocolatmou, badiyek.

– The messages that I get: “Hay! I want to get fucked hard. I have place”. Read my profile before you message me! I’m not into one night thingies!

People that I feel sorry for. Like a guy who messaged me 7 times in 55 seconds. “Hi. Got mail?”. If I don’t reply the first time, I ain’t replyin at all.

– People who block me after I add them on MSN and say “Hi”. 5 seconds and boom: I get blocked. They prolly noticed I’m someone they know and don’t wanna be outed.

– The guys who I block after only 5 seconds. “Hey. How r u? Cam 2 Cam”? Fuck the fuck off, bitch!

– The profiles filled with Zac Efron and Jake Gyllenhaal pics. I prefer you upload a pic of your fuckin toe. At least that’s yours!

– The people with “looking for an appartment in Gemmayze” and “Gay porn DVD for $3” as their tagline. Oh who am I to judge? I have a profile on Manjam for my blog! Check it out: therealshit11. =P

– The men who put their sexuality as “Straight” but are “looking for someone special”. Not even gonna dignify this with a pissed off comment.

Manjam makes me wanna fuckin scream!! A3333333333333! Why am I such a masochist? Why do I keep going back to Manjam? Is there really someone who’s my type AND not a total psycho?



Ay Ay Ay. Fuck me now...