Indian Housemaid beaten, forced to sleep outside of the house.

Salma Begum and her bruises
When will people understand that if you have a maid that WORKS for you, you don’t OWN the maid at ALL?

 Thanks to a tweet by @Abaretruth, I came across this piece of news on

An Indian worker in Bahrain was beaten by her employer and forced to sleep outside of the house. She finally had enough of that horrible fucked up situation and decided to flee her employers’ household. 

“She beat me so hard that there are marks all over my body.” 

“Whenever I washed clothes for her, she beat me. When I drank cold water, she beat me. If I sat on the carpet, she beat me.” 

“Then I decided to run away as it was more than I could stand – I didn’t bring any of my belongings, I just opened the door and ran.” 

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