3 in the Moaning

This post goes out to:
1) All those who enjoy sex & consider it a fun activity
2) To my dear friend who likes to twist & turn words like morning, dictation, headcount to make’em sound sexual

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3 In The Morning
You Know I’m Horny

So Why Don’t You Come Over My Place
Put A Smile On My Face

Leaving The Club
Shawty Hurry Up

So We Can Get This Party Started
Take Off Your Clothes

You Already Know What Time It Is
Reach Up In The Dresser Where The Condoms Is

Baby, When I Get It, I’ll Never Let It Go
Gonna Take It Slow

We Ain’t Gon Stop Til 9 AM
If You Can’t Take It All, Baby Say When

Make You Cum Over And Over Again
And Ima Leave It In

When We Do It, All Night

Won’t you be on that bullshit

All night. So right.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

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Lyrics: Chris Brown – No Bullshit


Madonna is an artist who took risks.

At the peak of her 9 year career, she challenged the way society thinks about sex and sexuality.

They called her a bitch, slut, whore, sexually confused person.

But she knew exactly what she was.

She released ‘Sex’ in 1992.

Some may have thought that producing this coffee table book will hurt her career, but she’s still around 18 years later.

Despite efforts to boycott or ban the book, it sold 150,000 units on the first day of its release in the U.S., and sold out worldwide 3 days after its release (1.5 million copies).

The book is not printed anymore, so it’s a rare commodity.

You can buy a sealed version of it on Ebay for $330.

Here are some pics from ‘Sex’ which also feature Naomi Campbell and Vanilla Ice.

Rimming, blowjobs, sadism, masochism, threesomes, whipping, androgyny. It’s all there. Enjoy.

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