Lebanese LGBTQ Blogs to Check Out

Last year, I posted about Lebanese LGBT Blogs On The Rise.

Since then, there have been new LGBTQ bloggers. Here’s some of them.

But first, thank you Lebanese LGBT Monitor for keepin me up to date with what’s new in gay Lebanon and the LGBTQ blogosphere.


And now with the blogs…

1) Witchy Lisa

Blog url: http://witchylisa.wordpress.com

Recommended post: My Valentine’s/Assassination Day: Transphobia


2) bE LeBnAN!

Blog url: http://blebnani.wordpress.com/

Recommended post: أنا لحبيبي وحبيبي ؟


3) Mimi Trans

Blog url: http://mimitrans.wordpress.com/

Recommended post: Untitled



Blog url: http://basinbeirut.wordpress.com/

Recommended post: Random Thoughts


5) Adam’s First Chapter

Blog url: http://adamsfirstchapter.blogspot.com/

Recommended post: First Contact


6) Another one of THOSE!

Blog url: http://another1ofthose.wordpress.com/

Recommended post: A young guy’s memories


7) Should I Exist?

Blog url: http://shouldiexist.blogspot.com/

Recommended post: my first time coming out !


8) Rainbowlitiously Fabulous

Blog url: http://rainbowlitiouslyfabulous.wordpress.com/

Recommended post: Bitches Like Gays


9) Diaries From The Closet

Blog url: http://diariesfromthecloset.blogspot.com/

Recommended post: Gays and Pop Culture


And last but never least, I’d like to give a special shout-out to Sama, a “half-Syrian half-something else” Arab journalist, currently blogging from Beirut.

10) Sama Says

Blog url: http://samasays.wordpress.com

Recommended post: Shattered Bones


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Now that we’re done with the countdown, take the time to nominate your favorite gay blogs at the Social Media Awards. Vote and let’s make our voices heard.


Lebanon: A Safer Country for Gays than Others?

Randa:The Diaries of a Transsexual

Randa is an Algerian woman and transsexual whose story is published in the book “Randa: The Diaries of a Transsexual” (مذكرات رندا الترانس) written by journalist Hazem Saghieh.

Check out this CNN.com piece about Randa who compares living in Lebanon versus living in Algeria:

“But in some parts of Beirut I would say I feel 70 percent safe, whereas I never feel more than five percent safe when I’m in Algeria.”

Your average transsexual or gay person can never feel completely safe in Lebanon. Then again…the amount of discrimination LGBTQ people face in Lebanon is still more merciful than that in other countries like Algeria.

But should we be grateful that the discrimination over here is still “better” than other places? That’s sickenin’…