Lebanese LGBT Blogs On The Rise

Two years ago, I stumbled upon a gay Lebanese blog, Gay in Beirut, which inspired me to create my own blog.

So it excites me when I see Lebanese LGBT bloggers and activists who are putting their experiences out there for the world to see (or in this case, read). I know that will only encourage other Lebanese gay readers to be brave and make their voices heard.

Here are some (of many) Lebanese LGBT bloggers that I’m proud of. Thank you for blogging, for making a difference, and for giving hope to confused 14 year olds who are sitting in their room wondering if there are other people “like them”.

PS: Is there a Lebanese LGBT blogger not included in this list? Please do share their blog in the comments section!

1) George Azzi’s Blog

Author: George Azzi, co-founder of Lebanese gay rights group Helem

Blog: http://gazzi.wordpress.com/

2) Gay in Beirut

Authors: Two 20 smtg gay friends, GiB #1 & GiB #2

Blog: gayinbeirut.blogspot.com

3) Oh My Happiness

Author: Raja Farah, a “regular out gay, atheist, activist, pacifist Arab living in Beirut”

Blog: ohmyhappiness.com

4) The Man & The Seagull

Author: 16 year old gay Lebanese teenager in Beirut

Blog: themanandtheseagull.blogspot.com

5) Lebanon Rebel

Author: 22 year old lesbian (& Sagittarius) rebel

Blog: undiscoveredgirl.wordpress.com

6) Lord Gaytheist

Author: A Lebanese gay atheist

Blog: lord-gaytheist.blogspot.com

7) Lebanese Alien

Author: Gay Lebanese Alien who loves naked men as much as I do

Blog: lebanesealien.tumblr.com

8) Cz I Can’t Tell

Author: Gay Lebanese man in his mid twenties

Blog: czicanttell.blogspot.com

9) Le Bi

Author: Bisexual Lebanese guy

Blog: lebinon.blogspot.com

10) Fafa Thinks

Author: Lebanese lesbian, Little Monster, & Cünt Enthusiast

Blog: fafathinks.wordpress.com

11) Homos Libnani

Authors: Allouch & ZouZou, 2 gay best friends

Blog: homoslibnani.wordpress.com