NSFW!!! Lebanese Dick: Juliano

Here’s a dick from Lebanon.

Not a big fan of this one. I’d actually rather suck on the Gilette bottle.

But hey, I’m all for equal exposure of all dicks. (Don’t forget: All dicks are created equal.)

So there. Do you like Juliano?

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Dick Source: GayRomeo

NSFW!!! Lebanese Dick: Adam

Admit it.

You love dick.

Your phone is filled with dick pictures you receive from guys on whatsapp.

Immediately after getting a cute dick pic, you send it to your friends.

Ass and dick pics more than outnumber photos of your mom on your Blackberry.

Don’t wanna admit it? Fine, I will. I love looking at dick pictures.So much so that I’ve decided to share some of them with you, supplied by my close friend (I call him “the dick collector”).

He literally saves dick pictures that are publicly displayed on guys’ dating profiles. “This dick has ‘personality'”, he says. WAHA!

Here’s this week’s Lebanese dick.


And no it’s not the guy’s name.

The dick just looks like… an Adam.

See you next week!

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Source: Manjam