“Gays are Biological Errors”

Laura Schlessinger is an American radio show personality and author.

She’s also a homophobe.

I hope 10 year old gay boys and girls are not hearing what she has to say about gays. She thinks they’re errors, but they’re really not. They’re beautiful boys and girls and she should be ashamed of her fucking self.

Laura Schlessinger: A Homophobe

“If you’re gay or lesbian it’s a biological error.”

“A huge portion of the male homosexual populace is predatory on young boys.”

“I have never called homosexuals biological mistakes. I have said the sexual orientation is clearly an error. I call homosexual practices deviant.”

“When we have the word homosexual, we are clarifying the dysfunction, the deviancy, the reality. We change it to the word gay, it makes it more difficult to pinpoint the truth. So one of the things that the homosexual agenda did was to change the name.”

“Ethnic cleansing sounds nice. Murder is the truth, homosexuality is the truth. Gay isn’t.”