Lady Gaga dives semi-naked into Lollapalooza crowd [Picture+Video]

Gaga dives in the crowd

Can Lady Gaga make any more headlines, dammit!?

What does she do while performing with Semi Precious Weapons in Lollapalooza?

SHE DIVES INTO THE CROWD! while her boobs and ass hang out for the world to see.

Dude, I wish I was in that crowd!

Gaga doesn’t give a shit and gurrl…u OWN it! Givin a piece of u to ur fans is Awesome!


Gaga makes out with Semi Precious Weapons singer

The Catholic League? Apparently NOT a big fan of Lady gaga! They said:

“If a young gal on Spring Break did what Lady Gaga did–throwing herself half-naked into a crowd of crazies–we’d say she was a drunken fool … But when Lady Gaga does it, somehow it’s considered artistic. This is all so totally surreal that we expect she’ll sue the guys who grabbed her for sexual harassment.”

She's so fuckin BRAVE to stage dive like that!

Too risque?

Watch the video and judge for urself.