VMAs ’10

Photo by: Kevin Mazur/WireImage

Lady Gaga won 8 awards at yesterday’s VMAs.

When accepting the Video of the Year award for Bad Romance, she announced that “Born This Way” was her new album title and sang a snippet from the song!

Gaga also won Best Female, Best Pop, Best Collaboration (featuring Beyonce for Telephone)

Eminem kicked off the show with Not Afraid. He also sang Love the Way You Lie with Rihanna, and won Best Male and Best Hip Hop video.

Source: foreign.peacefmonline.com

Justin Bieber won Best New Artist. Not only that, he got kissed by Katy Perry & Rihanna.


Who SHOULD have won the Best New Artist award?

The bitch with the awful dress…Jeez… In other words, Ke$ha!

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On the other hand of the fashion spectrum, here’s a girl who can walk away with planting feathers on her head…

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As for my lover Chelsea Handler, she brought the house down with lines like:

“My plan was to stay sober the entire show, but in an interesting twist, I am as high as a kite. That’s the last time I do a prayer circle with Snoop Dogg”.


All in all, it was obviously a great night. I mean what beats Katy Perry kickin some moon man in the balls?

source: AP

Here are some spontaneous snapshots before we’re done!

Drake takin a bite off Gaga’s meat purse (which goes along with her outfit. Meat bikini ring a bell?)


And finally…some booty for you pervs out there.


For the full list of awards, click HERE.