Jobs & Boys

Jobs and boys are similar.

Looking for a job and looking for a boy are actually the same.

They are.

You apply for a company that you didn’t even like that much to begin with, and you message a guy on Manjam that you didn’t even like that much.

So you end up going to that job interview and you stare out the window thinking “why am I here if I could actually suck dick for triple the money you’re offering to pay me”, and you go on that date with that boring guy thinking “Is this hot chocolate hot enough to burn me instantly or will I suffer a slow death, because the thought of spending 30 more mins listening to you talk and talk and talk about your ex is unbearable”.

So why do we do it? Why do we mass email our CV to those companies just like we mass message guys if we already know 99% of them are shit?


Oh well…lemme give it another shot.

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