I need to work on my Gaydar


I never thought I would ever say this, but…

I need to work on my gaydar!

During the past two weeks, I found out that two boys, who I thought were straight, are actually gay.

How do gaydars go “ding ding”? Stereotypes.

As much as stereotypes are bad, sometimes they come in handy when you wanna know if someone’s gay.

The look.

The talk.

The walk.

The lips.

The friends.

Now, those two men didn’t pass the test on any of those signs I usually rely on.

They even talked trash about gays at some point.

So I just ruled them out as straight and even homophobic.

Little did I know that they’re actually homos themselves.

Shu hypocrites!


From now on I’m gonna add a new category to my gaydar:

“Is the person making gay jokes or talking shit about gays”?

Lesson of the day:

ANYONE might be gay. Even people who talk shit about gays!

Watch out. =P

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