Acid night club forced to close on Thursday. Didn’t open on Friday.

I thought I was going to have a great fabulous night out in one of my favorite clubs in town: Acid Night Club (Sin El Fil)

Boy, was I very mistaken.

Just before me and my friend arrived there, we got a call from one of our friends saying Acid will not open tonight.

Apparently, Acid was open on Thursday night in time for the Eid and was forced to close.

I also heard 30 plus party goers were arrested and the club was vandalized.

What was the REAL reason behind banning the club to open, though?

Some say it was forced to close because it opened its doors during a religious holiday. But I don’t think that’s valid cause Acid has opened its doors during the Eid numerous times before.

And if it’s really the “Eid” excuse, what about the clubs in Gemmayzeh? Why weren’t they forced to shut down?

If it’s true what I heard that they arrested people partying in the club, why were those people arrested? Is it because they were partying during the Eid. Or is it cause they were at a gay club?

Just for your information, we ended up going to Milk, another gay club in Beirut, and the night sucked, mostly because the music wasn’t that good and because of…well…the absence of cubes.

Update (Saturday night):
Lebanese LGBT Media Monitor contacted Georges Azzi who had the following to say: “Helem contacted ACID and they said that the place was ordered to close by the municipality following noise complaints from neighbors, the police did NOT raid the venue and nobody got arrested.”

Update (Monday morning):
According to a source who spoke to
GayMiddleEast, “a building in the vicinity of the club was offered for sale to the club owner who refused.” GME’s source also suggests “the complaint from the “neighbours” was an attempt to force the club owner to purchase the property.”


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