The Egg Test + Transexuals + Penal Code 534 = IDAHO 2011

This year’s IDAHO event was a mix of seriousness & fun!

– Lebanese Penal Code 534:

Very helpful discussion. Many of us still don’t know how Penal Code 534 works. Attorney Sanaa Sadaka talked about the process of detaining someone who might “look gay” or someone who got snitched by a hater. She was so knowledgeable, gave real life examples & answered questions from the attendees. I’m so glad Helem got her to speak cause she knew what she was talking about.

Helem's Charbel Maydaa & Attorney Sadaka

– Homophobes & Supporters are outed:

Helem asked famous media personalities what they thought of homosexuality & if gays should be imprisoned. Tony Khalife & Randa El Murr got a lot of “boos” from us, while Hiyam Abou Shdeed, Ziad Noujeim, & Clauda Marshelian got the most applause for their support!

– International day against Homophobia AND TRANSPHOBIA:

The presentation by Simon, Social Worker, helped point out to many gays (who are transphobes themselves) that transexuals face one of the most fucked up forms of discrimination. A Q&A with Randa, a Male to Female transexual and Helem member, was a highlight!

Someone asked Randa: “Why do you refer to yourself as Trans woman as opposed to simply woman?

Randa answered: “Because I want people to know that I went through a lot to be a woman”.

– Stereotypes are fun?

In this case, they were. A short play made fun of stereotypes & gender roles forced upon straight & gay boys & girls. Very LMAO.

– Woah. I didn’t know that! :

Do you know what “Fa7s el Bayda” (Egg test) is? I sure didn’t! Apparently, it’s a medieval approach used in jail to see if a detained person is gay or not. Yep. They try inserting the egg into the guy’s ass to see if he’s gay. Seriously? Is this still used?

Do you know what “salbe” w “ijebe” was? lol. Ijebe is the top & the salbe is the bottom

– Venue: Excellent choice. Classy & neat.

– In conclusion: Not everyone is out and proud. I was hoping it would be more packed than it was. But hey, 3 years ago, it was me who was afraid to attend the IDAHO event. It all takes time…

Here’s to next year! 🙂