How can you be FRIENDS with an EX?

love & hate

Some of you are able to go back from being in love with someone to being friends with them.

I find it amazing.

I applaud you if you can do that.

It must take so much work, but if you just hang in there, forget all the harsh words you said during the break up, you might just go back to being really good friends.


At least for me.

Where does the love go?

All the dinner dates, calling each other beautiful, being inside of each other, promises, all the unfinished business.

How do you back from love to hate and then back to friends?

You’ve licked every inch of my body.

I’ve tasted your tongue for hours on end.

We said our “I love you”s. Where does the love go? Or was it not love?

How can we suddenly be friends?

To be present at your birthday party with your new boyfriend next to you.

To visit our favorite restaurant and ordering the dish we used to share.

To watch a movie next to my friend, someone who used to swallow my cum.

No, thanks.

I think we’re better off as…what we were before we met.

I just can’t be friends with my ex.

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