If you know this girl, hit me up. We’ll party.


So there’s this girl who’s been uploading videos on Facebook, telling her friends how homosexuality is “a grave sin in God”.

And that’s fine.

I mean… she’s a homophobe. And that’s how a homophobe speaks. That’s not why I’m blogging about this.

I’m just concerned about her friends. At the end of one of her videos, she says: “Homosexual people do have a choice, big time. You can do something about it. You can do it on your own or you can use some help. And I offer free help“.

She’s offering free help! Ya mama! That’s why I’m blogging about this. I would hate for anyone to go to her for some help and guidance.

So if you’re this girl’s friend, coworker, or family member, who’s still figuring out things and sexuality, just know… it’s okay. You’re amazing just the way you are. Not just in a Bruno Mars kind of way. You don’t need a shrink. You don’t need her to “change” because you don’t NEED to “change”. Being gay is awesome. You don’t need to repent. You can still believe in God like some of my friends do, or not. Doesn’t matter. You’ll still be alright. Don’t go to her for guidance. Hit me up. We can go have a drink or party (yes, even if you’re underage. I’m not a regular boy. I’m a cool boy). I’ll tell you all about being gay. I’ll show you how it’s awesome. I’ll hook you up. It’s all good.

Check out the girl’s videos on Facebook below. They have funny moments. But they’re mostly sad. Oh, and you can watch her in HD.

Video 1: The grave, grave sin which is homosexuality

Video 2: Homosexuals are people in the image of God

Video 3: Homosexuals have a choice

Most Ignorant Blogger I Have Ever Encountered (so far)

So yesterday I was looking through the WordPress forum and I came across a blog that caught my eye.

There was one article on that blog that I really liked so I commented, you know, just to give a little heads up 🙂

The author of that blog then checks out the comment I posted on his blog, visits my blog, clicks on one of my blog posts, and notices that a “Joseph” has posted a comment.

Well…the thing is…his name is also Joseph.

Confused as to how come Joseph’s username doesn’t carry a link to it, he contacts me and tells me to remove the post made by “Joseph” cause that’s his name.

Then he posts the following on his blog:

“On [guymeetsworld’s] blog I found someone used my real name, and took the liberty of leaving a comment with a heart emoticon. It was a pro gay homosexual blog. I certainly don’t condemn homosexuals, but I don’t condone their lifestyle either.

The comment left on that blog had no link to my blog. I’m baffled how the owner of that pro gay homosexual blog found his way to my blog, and commented.”

I seriously donno what is up with this guy.

Maybe he’s arrogant or self centered to think he’s the only Joseph in the world, which is home to almost 7 billion inhabitants, mind you.

Maybe he’s paranoid and feels like someone is out to get him.

Maybe he’s a homophobe who thinks Josephs shouldn’t post a comment on a “pro gay blog” as he put it.

All I know is, this post ends here.


Fine, it ends here.


Update: The blogger has apologized to me and posted a public apology on his blog.