Elissa or Haifa: Who’s the bigger gay icon?

Elissa or… Haifa?

I know. I know.

As if it’s not enough these 2 ladies compete on who sells the most records (though it’s kinda obvious who wins THAT one, no?), who looks hotter on a magazine cover (though it’s kinda obvious who wins THAT one, no?), and who’s interview is the most watched…

…but now they gotta compete on who’s the bigger fag hag???

Elissa said this year that she’s “not against homosexuality”, while Haifa has shared the stage with some fabu drag queens.

Sure, they haven’t endorsed the “No H8” campaign or uploaded an “It gets better” video, but that’s the closest kind of support we can get from our celebrities in the Middle East.

These two ladies have millions of gay fans, but who wins the “Gay Icon” battle?


Pic sources: Elissa Haifa Flag