A Hole is A Hole?

I remember being in the school courtyard at age 13 (or 17. I can’t really remember. Either way, I was ignorant and too innocent) and hearing a girl who was a year older talk to my friend about girls “taking it from the back”.

And I remember telling myself: “What IS taking it from the back? Ohhhh, it’s getting fucked through the asshole and NOT the vagina!!!! :O :O :O But WHY would a girl do that??? Oooohh, she doesn’t want to lose her virginity. Well, that’s stupid…”

And I still think it’s stupid. Yet, over the years I’ve noticed that most of my girl friends have done it at some point. But WHY?? It’s uncomfortable and not AS pleasurable as getting fucked through your vagina (I’m assuming).

Now listen…if you enjoy it, do it and have fun with it. But if it’s all about “I wanna remain ‘PURE’ until marriage”, then what the fuck?? I can’t handle the HYPOCRISY of it all. So taking a dick up your shit hole is remaining pure until marriage? Just get fucked the good old way and stop calling yourself a virgin! It’s perfectly fine NOT to be a virgin.

You’ve been blessed with a vagina. Use it.

If only the rest of us were as lucky…

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