Lebanese man arrested for being gay


Hbeich Detention Center (Bliss Street - Beirut)


GiL is a Lebanese man who was arrested on charges of “homosexual activity”. (That’s Lebanese Penal Code 534 for ya!)

He was beat up, punched & taken to the notorious & shameful Hbeich detention center in Beirut.

Fortunately for us, GiL decided to share his story with my fellow GiBs from Gay in Beirut. Here are the links to his story:

Part 1 – Let’s Go Get Some Gays!

Part 2 – Ambush a GiB

Part 3 – Abduct a GiB

Part 4 – Hbeich It Is

Part 5 – From Remorse to Revolt

Part 6 – My Own 12 Angry Lebanese

Part 7 – “Ya Bash!” – Lessons Learned

Fact is…many Lebanese gays are arrested on charges of homosexual activity. They’re respectable university students with a bright future. They come from honorable families (“wled 3ayle”). But guess what? All that goes down the drain because they are GAY.

Why do the people in the Lebanese government not see anything wrong with that?

Repeal Lebanese Penal Code 534 NOW!
Photo by GiB#2