Name This Bar

Name This Bar

Came across this pub while I was driving in Mar Mekhayel.

At first glance I thought the owners of the pub were askin people to invest in the pub or somethin…hence the name “Name This Bar“.

But then I saw people inside and realized that’s its name!

The name makes the bar stand out, I’ll tell ya that.

But it just feels kinda weird.

“Where ya @?”

“I’m @ Name This Bar!?”

Can’t wait to give it a try, though.

Junk Yard Sale in Gemmayze

Junk Yard Sale notice in Hamra

I didn’t know we had junk yard sales in Lebanon!

Turns out there’s one on July 23, 24, 25 from 12 pm till 9 pm in Gemmayze.

According to the notice I saw in Hamra, this junk yard sale is takin place on the 6th floor and not in a “junk yard”. Hmm…

Still…sounds cool.