Gays Win Big at the Social Media Awards

So…awesome news:

Yours truly is nominated for Blog of the Year and Best Personal Blog at this year’s Social Media Awards. If you wanna vote for me, that would be so cool of you.

I’m also very happy that my gay buddies have received nominations as well:

Homos Libnani for Best Personal Blog and Best Lifestyle Blog
Lebanese LGBT Monitor for Best News Blog
“I LUV U BUT” Series for Most Engaging Youtube Channel

The LGBTQ community IS an integral part of the Lebanese community. The homos ARE active on social media channels. The gays DESERVE to be represented at the Social Media Awards. And this is what the Awards are giving: recognition. That’s why I named this blog post “Gays Win Big at the Social Media Awards”. It’s not a prophecy. We’ve already won.

Big thank you goes out to the judges who rooted for us and made these nominations possible.

Now vote for your fucking gays and help us represent.

Vote here: