Gay is the New Black

The Advocate (November 2008)

“Gay is the new black”.

This statement pissed people off because it sort of equated the black struggle to the gay struggle in the U.S.

I can see why people would disagree with this statement. They might have these reasons:

– You’re born black, but being gay…oh, well, you can control that.

– If you’re discriminated against when you’re gay, then tough luck…you chose this road. Black people, on the other hand, were discriminated against because they were really born this way.

– You can’t change being black. You can change being gay.

– African Americans were slaves at one point. What did the gays go through, anyway?

In my opinion, there are many similarities between the black struggle & the gay struggle.

For example, anti-miscegenation laws prohibited a black person from marrying a white person. How absurd is that? If you think it’s just as absurd as prohibiting two men or two women from marrying…then maybe gay is the new black.

And let’s simplify things:

black people were discriminated against & didn’t have equal rights for no other reason than being black

gay people were discriminated against & didn’t/don’t have equal rights for no other reason than being gay

If you look at it that way, maybe those two struggles have more in common than you think.

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