Chatting: are we revealing too much?

If you were a guy chatting with me 4 years ago, chances are I was a pain.

Aside from playing hard to get with the guys I chatted with (even though I was always horny), I didn’t reveal too much info. I rarely showed a pic, waited for a couple of chats before revealing my name, and didn’t disclose my University’s name and major!

Well, karma’s a bitch!

I now chat with guys who don’t reveal their real name until they feel “they can trust me more”. Scared guys who reply with “why do you wanna know that?” when I ask them “where do you live?”.

My old habits have come back to haunt me, and I noticed this when I was chatting with a guy last week.

During the first five minutes, I showed him 5 pics, told him my name, age, and which field I worked in.

What did I get?

A scared response: “Man stop revealing this much info!”

For a second, I doubted myself. Was I really revealing too much to a stranger whose name I didn’t know?

I mean I’m happy I’m not hiding in the closet anymore, but people seem to be intimated from that and think you’re “too out”.

Should I be all Mother Teresa with these gay boys and give them time to grow out of their “scared state”. After all, I was like them once.

_ _ _

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