The FIFA World Cup Craze!

Unless you live on Uranus, you know that the FIFA World Cup 2010 is gonna kick off tomorrow!

I donno about other people but the Lebanese are ultimate fanatics when it comes to the world cup games which happen every 4 years. The games mean so much to Lebanese people and it’s as if the world cup is happening here in Beirut and not in Johannesburg.

You can’t walk on the street without seeing cars and buildings with flags on them. [My personal favorites are those cars which carry FOUR flags, prolly a flag for each member of the family 😛 ]

Some people are making a fuss about this whole phenomenon but instead of obsessing about political & economical struggles, it’s nice to see people obsessing about something healthy for a change.

I wish Lebanese people continue to fight over the world cup and hold as many freakin’ flags as they want, as long as they never hold a gun ever again.

Final thought: VIVA ITALIA!

The different ways of showing ur a fan!