Gay Myth #2: All gay men are fashionable.


Contrary to popular belief, not ALL gay men are fashionable.

I don’t think “stylish” is a negative stereotype to portray cause having a good eye for clothes & accessories is actually pretty cool.

But there are gays who will wear those awful pants and fugly ass t-shirts. Just because they’re gay doesn’t mean they’re bound to be stylish.

Maybe this myth comes from the fact that most famous fashion designers are gay, or because people think gay men take more time to groom and take good care of their bodies more than straight men.

Truth is, a stylish gay man makes a great shopping buddy for a girl. Take me and my straight best friend. If she tries on an ugly dress at Vero Moda, I will be honest and tell her she could do better. And while she’s in the fitting room, I’ll look around the store for something hot and sexy and hand it to her. I love shopping for her more than I do for myself!

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