Fairuz Sues Madonna

In 1993, Fairuz sued Madonna for $2.5 million.


For plagiarism!

Fairuz has a very famous hymn “Al Yawm Ulliqa Alal Khashaba” (Today, He Is Held to a Cross), released as part of the 1962 album “Good Friday: Eastern Sacred Songs”. The hymn is regularly played on TV in time for Good Friday every year.

Madonna sampled the hymn in 2 songs:

– The Beast Within (1990)

– Erotica (1992)

Fairuz sued Madge for using the hymn in Erotica, where Madonna sang “all over me” while Fairuz chanted “today he is held”.

The case never reached court & an undisclosed settlement was reached between the two, while the Erotica single & album were banned in Lebanon.

It’s weird that Fairuz didn’t sue Madonna for using the hymn in The Beast Within and instead sued her for Erotica, even though the former was released 2 years prior.

I love Erotica, & Fairuz’s voice is just heavenly in the song. But Madonna gets a slap on the ass! Plagiarism’s a big no no! You should credit Fairuz for using her work and adding such a divine touch to the song.

Fairuz Hymn – Today, He Is Held to a Cross

Madonna – The Beast Within
Plagiarized part is “1:56”

Madonna – Erotica
Plagiarized part is “3:52”

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