Soundtrack to Your Sexy Weekend

Hashishet Albi – Where do we go now? Movie Soundtrack

“Na22e bda3a tazah, sha2fe bteswa almaza, sha2ra aw samra, khallee ghashee walla.

7otte w zeede w matkhabbe, heyda hasheeshit albi, gher2an w baddo fowwashi.”


Mr. Know It All – Kelly Clarkson

“You ain’t got the right to tell me when and where to go.

Acting like you own me lately. Yeah baby you don’t know a thing about me.

You don’t know a thing about me.”


I Follow Rivers – Likke Li

“He a message, I’m the runner. He the rebel, I’m the daughter waiting for you.

You’re my river running high, run deep run wild.”


El Hal Romancy – Mashrou3 Leila

“Mish 3arif in kunt rajul 2am masrif 2ali

Bas el 2ajar ya khayyeh sayir super ghali”


Collide  – Leona Lewis

“Crash into me at full speed. We can collide.”


Swim – Madonna

“Children killing children, while the students rape their teachers

Comets fly across the sky, while the churches burn their preachers”


Into The Nightlife – Cyndi Lauper

“I’ll take ya till ya all spun up. Pitter, patter doesn’t matter what you got.

I’ll take ya till ya all spun up, and in love, into the nightlife.”