Bad Men to Avoid: The man who wants to fuck ur pussy

Careful where u point that brother.

You go out with a guy.

Blonde, blue eyes,  muscled, manly, clean dick.

He’s sexually your type.

You know he’s a player. You also know you want his dick & not his heart.

He’s told you before he’s a Top, but this is ridiculous!

All he seems to do in bed is trying to finger you…forcibly! And when you’re turning your back against him, he’s pushing his dick inside of you, bareback, and worse…withOUT lube.

You tell him: “dude, ma bentek”. He doesn’t get it. He doesn’t care. He’s going out with you cause he’s sick of using his hand to jerk off, and he wants to try using pussy for a change.

If you’re down with that, go ahead. If not, walk away!

_ _ _