To Cut or Not to Cut?

The most famous uncut guy: Michelangelo's "David"

For a while, I used to say “I would never…like ever have sex with a man who is uncircumcised” and mostly cause most of my friends would tell me an uncut penis is dirty, smelly, produces icky fluids, etc.

Another reason why I had been so grossed out by the idea is because I had an experience with an uncut boy… and I just umm…I…akh…well let’s just say I…could…not. I just could not! I could only touch it for a bit, but that was it!

There’s so much cock discrimination towards uncut men. There’s this one guy I know who fucked an uncut boy but would not go down on him. This same guy doesn’t mind swallowing someone’s cum! Apparently, sucking an uncut dick is not as amusing as swallowing cum.


Let’s face it. To assume all uncut men are unclean down there is just plain “dick-ist”.  Hygiene ultimately depends on the guy you’re with, and if he showers once a week, it’s prolly gonna stink down there whether he’s uncut or cut.

So since I don’t encourage discrimination of any sort, I, BeirutBoy, declare that from this moment on, I will never  judge a penis by its foreskin (or lack thereof) because  all penises are created equal (maybe not equal in size, but nonetheless, equal). I will treat all penises just like I would like my penis to be treated.

And for all you “dick-ists” out there, think about how much it would hurt if you were dumped just because you had a few millimeters of extra skin.

I for one will not rule out any uncut penis from my future. I’m actually kinda lookin forward for my pleasant uncut penis experience. I just hope it’s nothin like the first one. Akh. Again, I just could not.

So which do you prefer? Cut...or UNCUT?

Lebanon: A Safer Country for Gays than Others?

Randa:The Diaries of a Transsexual

Randa is an Algerian woman and transsexual whose story is published in the book “Randa: The Diaries of a Transsexual” (مذكرات رندا الترانس) written by journalist Hazem Saghieh.

Check out this piece about Randa who compares living in Lebanon versus living in Algeria:

“But in some parts of Beirut I would say I feel 70 percent safe, whereas I never feel more than five percent safe when I’m in Algeria.”

Your average transsexual or gay person can never feel completely safe in Lebanon. Then again…the amount of discrimination LGBTQ people face in Lebanon is still more merciful than that in other countries like Algeria.

But should we be grateful that the discrimination over here is still “better” than other places? That’s sickenin’…