I was reading the third Hunger Games book on the rooftop, when I heard smtg. Something like birds chirping…

I kept walking to see what was the deal…and there they were.


No, not sexy-girls-tanning-on-the-rooftop chicks. Chicks, chicks.

Three of them.

Two were following my every move. Third one was dead.

Some fuckin neighbor left the chicks with some seeds and water. But I don’t get it. Why buy them in the first place if you’re gonna put them on the rooftop all alone to die?

Poor things. Dipped in fucking paint and tortured just to be played with for 2 days during Easter. Then they’re left to die.

I swear if people gave a fuck for a second and thought about how they treat others: other people and other animals! Animals are living beings, too, asshole. Would YOU like to be dipped in paint and put on a rooftop?

I stole…umm…saved…the chicks…and put them in a nearby garden. At least they’ll be surrounded by some greenery.

As for their friend…he’s buried under a yellow daisy.