Ok how SICK is this song?!

Hope Kelly hits it big with this song! And it’s produced by the “it” producer of the moment.. David “fuck him he’s so famous and has a hot wife” Guetta

Check the song HERE: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DoGXARHpp48

Some Lyrics:
I feel like the DJ is my bodyguard
You see the way he keeps me safe
With the treble and that bass
I feel free enough to party hard
This dress won’t go to waste
Feels like I own the place
V.I.P to be the boss
You see the way these people stare
Watching how I fling my hair
I’m a dancefloor lover
Baby there’s no other
Who do it like I do it yeah

From here on out
I’ll be your commander
No fear no doubt
I’ll provide the answer
Right now I command you to…DANCE!