Still 20.


20 years old.

That’s how old I was when I started dating guys.

That’s 6 years ago.

Back then, I searched for guys falling in the “19 – 22” age bracket. Anyone above 22 would be too old.

What was I fucking thinking?!

I’m 26 now and I’m still immature. If I knew back then that 26 year olds are just as messed up as 20 years olds, I would have given them a shot.

I thought men at 26 were too old, too experienced. I take a look at me in the mirror now and I still look 20. I feel 20. I actually look better and feel better than when I was 20. I feel great. I don’t feel old at all. It’s just the number that’s weird to me. 26. The number has weight to it. Twenty SIX. Sixxxxx, dude. Six years of dating guys and still feeling like a beginner. Still feeling fresh. Still wanting more parties. Still looking for that big love. Still feeling 20.

Now that I’ve realized that everyone, regardless of their age, is fucked up and immature, I’ve widened the search criteria. Now I filter profiles on Manjam according to an updated age bracket: “23 – 36”. I think that’s wide enough for now.

So hey….any immature 33 year olds out there?