MTV’s “Homosexuality in Lebanon”: Hot Mess with a Nice Ending.

Show Presenter: Claude Abou Nader Hindi

Presenter: “The number of homosexuals is small especially in Arab countries which regard homosexuality as a crime against nature and make it punishable by law since society refuses this phenomenon.”

The rise of Haifa Wehbe and other singers who can’t really sing but find success in the music world is a phenomenon. I am not a phenomenon.

Doctor Haddad

Dr. Haddad: “There is no study which says that a person is born gay”. 

Why bring a “Specialist in urinary tract surgery & reproductive organs” to a show discussing homosexuality?

Dr. Haddad: “This is not a disease which a human is born with. But later you and I will discuss if this is a disease or not”.

You said disease, Doc. We know where you stand.

Dr. Shallita

Dr. Shallita (Psychiatrist): “I can see that this gay man is not fully immersed in his homosexuality.”

Please, people. Don’y pray away the gay… 

Dr Shallita: “Why do parents kick their gay children out of the house? We need to take care of this teenager who is doing all of this to get their attention & affection”.

Kids… If your parents aren’t giving you enough love (or money), pretend you’re gay! 

Dr. Haddad: “If this boy has been sexually molested by his father since he was a young kid, then this person has every possibility to be gay.”

Being gay equals being molested by your father and your 16 year old friend from school. Said the Urologist.

– What is up with the horror noises when the gay guy found 10,043 profiles when he searched for Lebanese gays on Manjam? Why do you wanna scare your viewers? Bel3akes. Allah Yzeedon!

10,043 'gays' in Lebanon! Oh the Horror!

– What is up with the Halloween night at a gay pub? Why is that so relevant to the topic at hand? Don’t all clubs in Lebanon have a Halloween night where everyone dresses up?

– When MTV showed the clip of the “gay partying”, it showed the EXACT SAME CLIP that they showed during the “Prostitution episode”: a guy dancing like a girl. Very fucked up, MTV.

"Gay Partying" clip is the same clip MTV showed weeks ago in its "Prostitution" Clip. Very fucked up, MTV.

– MTV shows two “feminine looking” men walking on the street, directly assuming they’re gay. Stereotype much?

– The transition from the topic of homosexuality to the topic of transexuality wasn’t clear. We talked about gays and lesbians, talked about transsexuals, then showed a relationship between two gay men. Yes! In that exact order! How is your viewer going to understand that transexuality and homosexuality are DIFFERENT and NOT the same after you mixed everything up?

Randa. A woman. A transexual.

– The show also mixed transsexuals with transvestites (cross dressers). Randa the transsexual is talking about her suicidal thoughts, getting raped, during segments where Dr. Shalita talked about how mothers should watch out for young kids who like to wear women’s shoes and makeup since this leads to transexuality. Wait…what? Huh? Again with equating transexuality to cross dressing! Oh, the horror. I die.

– The only time lesbians were mentioned was when two lesbians fought outside a gay pub. Oh but there WAS another 99 second interview with a lesbian at the end of the show; a lesbian who is a lesbian NOW but later wants to get married and have kids because “you can’t escape from the society you’re in”. Represent! =)

– It was nice to see two men in a relationship, holding hands on the bed. They even shared a kiss.

A gay Kiss. Blurred. But gay.

The conclusion that the presenter did was nice:

“Is homophobia justified? This rejection by society and family brings deep suffering to those people, making them feel rejected and marginalized, leading for some teenagers to commit suicide and for others to boast their sexuality. Isn’t it time to amend the Lebanese law which regards homosexuality as crime punishable by law, especially considering that in any family there might be a gay person. So do we reject a brother? Do we get disgusted by a sister? Do we ignore a friend? Do we kill a neighbor, just because their sexual orientation is different from ours, and the way they feel towards others is different from our feelings?”

66 minutes is not enough to talk about all of those issues.

What we were left with is a big hot mess.

Why didn’t you interview a parent who is supportive of their gay daughter & son?

Why not include a Doctor/professional/someone who says “It’s Okay to be Gay”?

Fine. I’ll say it. Dear 10 year old gay girls and boys: “It’s Okay to be Gay”.


Click HERE to watch the episode in full.