Lay it on Xtina

“I love giving my male friends advice. And when I need advice myself? I go to my gay guy friends. They’re very understanding and they are often coming from the same perspective.

Who’s better at giving advice, gay or straight guys? Well, that depends on the advice you’re looking for. If it’s bedroom-related, my gay friends are the best. They just lay it out there!”

– Xtina

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I Miss Xtina

Xtina on Rolling Stone (November 14, 2002)

Christina Aguilera’s Stripped era has got to be my favorite era of hers.

She was raunchy. In your face. Daring. Overly sexual. Naked. Stripped. Unapologetic. She was real. She was Xtina. I miss Xtina.

But it was not just about showing her pussy.

I think her message was for people to feel comfortable in their skin no matter who they were and what they looked like.

And for that, she’ll always be Xtina to me.

“I don’t see anything wrong with being comfortable with my own skin” – Christina Aguilera at 21

ummm…who the fuck r U?

this guy has a wikipedia page (i know i know…i CHECKED!)

He’s basically a guy who’s made a living (and a name) out of gossiping about celebs and poking fun at them. This motherfucker even has the audacity to call Christina Aguilera a FLOPTINA!

And when Michael Jackson passed away in June 2009..he went on his blog and called it a “publicity stunt”.

In August 2007, he announced that Cuban president Fidel Castro was dead!…yeah well…not so much. Castro’s still alive and kicking…Hilton’s ass i hope.