Sex & the City: The good, the bad & the sex.

Sex and the City 2 (Carrie looks HOTTE)

I had heard some negative reviews of Sex and the City:

“It is racist”

“Doesn’t portray the Arab culture and lifestyle in a very positive way”

But after watchin it, I have to say I mostly liked it. I couldn’t stop smiling and laughing throughout the whole movie…

My comments:

  • The movie starts off with a ridiculously over-the-top gay wedding. And I’m all for any movie that includes a gay wedding in it.
  • In the movie, Abu Dhabi is referred to as “the next big thing”. And with the high rise buildings, fancy cars, and the luxurious lifestyle the girls get to live, you just fall in love with the place. But still, you won’t fall in love with the city if you ain’t rich or if your trip ain’t “all expenses paid” like the girls’ trip.
  • Carrie watches how a woman wearing a Niqab eats French fries. Carrie’s comments might be one of those which people thought were offensive.
  • The way Miranda acts like the girls’ tour guide. Her pronunciation of Arabic words like “Shukran” & “Tisba7ou Ala Kheyr” is cute. In one scene, Miranda translates “yes” in Arabic as “Hanji”. What the fuck? That ain’t Arabic! Do your research people! This is a big-ass Hollywood movie. You can’t afford to make mistakes. But you sadly did…
  • Samantha. Samantha. Samantha. Her skimpy wardrobe (or lack thereof) in the very conservative Abu Dhabi well…raises some frowns to say the least.
  • The way Samantha goes nuts when her condoms fall out of her purse in the middle of the Abu Dhabi Souk while angry men scream in protest. Now that was funny.
  • One of the girls is arrested for “kissing” on the beach. Take a wiiiild guess on who that might be…
  • The hot “world cup” men at the pool. The full frontal close-up shots of their speedos. The hot Aussie guy whose ass is out for the world to see when he fucks Samantha on the hood of a car.
  • The Fucking Fabulous & in some cases Fucked up Fashion: Carrie wears a Dior newspaper dress. Samantha wears a sexy bikini while Miranda insists that she “cover up”.  The girls also wore gorgeous dresses that were very Arab-inspired. But what the fuck is Charlotte wearing in the desert. Check out the pic!
The girls in the desert! WTF is Charlotte wearing?

I wasn’t fond of the storyline. There was nothing too…I donno…deep!

  • Carrie making a fuss over Big wanting to spend some time alone two days a week makes her act out and kiss Aiden?
  • Miranda quitting her job because her boss won’t let her have a say in the workplace?
  • Charlotte is psychotic cause her nanny wanders braless around her husband? (Whadaya know? Turns out she’s a lesbian! See? Nothin to worry about. Great creative twist!)
  • Carrie loses her passport in the Souk but when she  goes back there to look for it, she easily finds it! Really? Where’s the suspense?
  • What about Samantha? She should put the sex in “Sex and the City”. Okay, so she flirts with random guys and is very outrageous. But where’s the daring and controversial sex scenes! Blowing on a shisha? That’s all you got?

After the movie finished, I stood up and saw a veiled woman a couple of seats behind me. I wish I asked her what she thought of the movie and its portrayal of Muslim women. Was she a fan of the series? Or did she watch the movie to check out if the negative reviews surrounding the movie were valid?